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Our Company

Liquigators is not your average liquidation service provider. Rather than only offering you a "burn & turn" solution, we offer several different options to accommodate the different needs of each customer we work with. 

Our mission isn't just to a turn a profit. More importantly, we focus on generating the highest returns possible for our customers. This strategy allows us to create long-term partnerships and possess the reputation of the leading ROA source for your liquidation needs.

In addition to the services we offer our customers, Liquigators is focused on developing future leaders in the world of business. Our goal as an employer is to provide our team members with an outstanding learning experience that allows them to grow within or outside of our organization. In a sense, we look at Liquigators as university in which we can help our employees develop the skills and knowledge not otherwise learned in the classroom! 

Helping Businesses

Companies like yours have thousands of dollars in excess, obsolete, or dead inventory tying up capital and affecting the bottom line. Liquigators works with companies of all sizes in any industry across the United States. No project is too small or too large for our team to help with. We can quickly turn your inventory into cash so those funds can be used to continue to support the growth of your organization. 

 We can buy your inventory immediately like most liquidation companies do. This quickly turns dead inventory to cash and is a win-win for both parties. However, we offer a more profitable solution for our clients that others don't provide. Rather than buy your inventory at a lower price due to the risk we take on, our excellent sales team can market your product for 14 days in effort to get you a higher return. If after 14 days the product still hasn't moved, we will still offer you a competitive "buy now" option.

We are a very flexible company and our main focuss is providing you a liquidation option that fits your needs!

Helping Homeowners

We estimate that the average homeowner possesses over $2000 of assets in which they never thought to or had the time to sell and turn into cash! Whether it is a garage full of 'stuff", an estate situation, or if you are simply tired of looking at a house full of things that you never use....., Liquigators can help you generate significant cash that you never expected. 

Our team will come to your home and provide a free consultation to understand what you have that you would like to liquidate. We can lift, load, and quickly sell your products bringing you extra income in a matter of weeks. With an excellent sales and marketing team, we will get you the highest possible return within a reasonable time frame. 

If you have said for years now that you were going to sell this or that..... just admit it, you never will because you don't have the time! Let Liquigators do all of the work for you!

Get started Today

Step 1: Schedule & Evaluate

Give us a call or send an email to get the ball rolling! Schedule an appointment and we will evaluate your product, provide you liquidation options, and put a plan in place to get started!

Step 2: Selling Your Product

Liquigators can buy your product up front or our team can begin actively marketing your inventory looking for buyers that will offer you high returns quickly. 

Step 3: Transaction & Payment

Whether we buy your product outright or we act as a broker to move the inventory, our goal is to get you the best offer and get you paid quickly!

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